30" Straight Bully Sticks

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  • Approximately 30 inches long
  • Extremely long-lasting for all sizes of dogs
  • 100% natural dog treats with minimal odor
  • High-quality & healthy with no preservatives
  • Roasted to lock in natural Bully Stick flavor
  • Helps to remove plaque & tartar from teeth
  • Made from pasture finished, free-range cattle

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We've all been there: You come home after a few hours only to discover that your pup has totally destroyed your living room. You can't totally blame the dog — after all, chewing is a natural behavior that helps to relieve stress and anxiety, and what's more stressful than having your human leave you for what seems like an eternity?

That's why it's important to give your pooch a durable dog chew that's able to withstand all of his aggressive chewing. Our 30" Straight Bully Sticks are just the ticket — made of 100 percent all natural beef pizzle, these durable sticks are designed to give your pooch the longevity he needs to stay occupied and happy. Each bully stick is slow roasted in the oven to absorb that delicious beef flavor that dogs just can't get enough of, resulting in the best tasting natural dog treat you'll ever find anywhere.

At Pawstruck, we've made it our mission to give your dog the best quality treats and chews at affordable prices. That's why we offer a bulk discount on large orders to help you save cash and time. Browse our selection today and see for yourself why Pawstruck has the best bully sticks available on the Web!




Product FAQs


Q. What are your bully sticks made of?
A. Our bully sticks are made of 100% all-natural beef muscle sourced from real cattle. We don't add anything artificial to 'em — no chemicals, no preservatives, no nothin' — to give your pup the safest and healthiest chewing experience ever. These yummy, natural treats are completely digestible to give you peace of mind when shopping for your dog.

Q. Are your bully sticks healthy?
A. They sure are! On top of being completely all-natural, our bully sticks are extremely healthy for dogs from all walks of life. They're low in fat and high in protein to ensure your pup stays lean and strong. In addition, chewin' on these tasty treats helps boost your pup's dental hygiene by scraping away yucky plaque and tartar. As a bonus, our bully sticks help to keep your pup happy and stress-free by satisfying that natural instinct to chew.

Q. I have a puppy at home. Can I give him this bully stick?
A. Due to their size, we don't recommend 30" Straight Bully Sticks for puppies. However, we do carry a wide selection of puppy friendly bully sticks that are perfect for pint-sized friends. Visit our Mini Bully Sticks for Small Dogs page and be prepared to be showered with love and adoration from your happy pup.



Beef pizzle

Additional Info

Brand Pawstruck
Made in Paraguay, Brazil, or Colombia
Dimensions (approx.) 30" long
Calories 3,061 kcal/kg, 33 kcal per piece
Shelf Life 36 months
Dog Size Medium, Large, Giant


Please keep in mind that this is a natural product coming from a live animal. Because of this, sizes and dimensions are always approximate since the size of body parts vary depending on the animal. This extra long 30 inch bully stick dog treat is not recommended for human consumption. While this dog chew is 100% digestible, intestinal blockage is possible if ingested in large pieces. For this reason, supervision is recommended whenever giving your pet dog treats of any kind. Always provide plenty of fresh water for your dog while eating bully sticks.