5" Braided Bully Sticks

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  • Approximately 5-inch long dog treats
  • Made from 3 Bully Sticks braided together
  • Low odor, all-natural, & preservative-free
  • Made from free-range, grass-fed beef cattle
  • Helps promote healthy teeth & gums

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What's better than a delicious, all-natural beef bully stick? How about THREE bully sticks braided together? That's what you'll get with our 5" Braided Bully Sticks. Three scrumptious, 100% natural beef bully sticks laced together to create a super long-lasting, super yummy dog chew that will keep tails wagging all day long.




Product FAQs

Q. What's in your Braided Bully Sticks?
A. Our Braided Bully Sticks feature three of our standard bully sticks braided into one super delicious, super long lasting dog chew. They're made of 100 percent all natural beef pizzle sourced from real cattle, so you can rest assured that your dog is only receiving the best Mother Nature has to offer. Our bully sticks contain absolutely no artificial additives, chemicals, preservatives or hormones to give you and your pup the peace of mind you deserve!

Q. How do you make your Braided Bully Sticks?
A. We're fortunate enough to have a team of chef geniuses running the Pawstruck kitchen. Our experts carefully clean each beef pizzle before roasting in the oven to soak up their natural juices. This process also helps to harden the bully sticks to give your pup that long lasting chew he loves. Once roasting is complete, you have a tray of the best bully sticks just waiting to be devoured by pups everywhere!

Q. Are your Braided Bully Sticks healthy?
A. Why yes they are! Our Braided Bully Sticks offer a number of benefits that are crucial to your dog's health and well-being. Chewing is a natural stress reliever that helps reduce anxiety and relieve boredom, so when you're pup has a bully stick to chew, he'll be kept happy and occupied for hours. Chewing on our bully sticks is also a great way to keep dogs' teeth and gums in tip-top shape, as it helps to scrape away harmful tartar and plaque buildup. As another bonus, our Braided Bully Sticks are high in protein and low in fat to help your pup grow big and strong while keeping those extra pounds at bay.

Q. How long do your Braided Bully Sticks last?
A. Because we've taken three of our already long-lasting standard bully sticks and braided 'em together, our Braided Bully Sticks last much longer than any of our other bully products. However, their lifespan will ultimately depend on how much your dog likes to chew. Our Braided Bully Sticks are ideal for small to medium size dogs who really love chewing, as well as teething pups who can't seem to stop chomping on everything in sight.

On top of being long lasting, our Braided Bully Sticks have a very long shelf life of 36 months, which makes it easy for you to keep a stash of your dog's favorite chew on hand at all times. With Bulk Discount and Auto Delivery options available, too, it's never been easier to stock up on our great tasting bully sticks!


Beef pizzle

Additional Info

Brand Pawstruck
Made in Paraguay, Brazil, or Colombia
Dimensions (approx.) 5" long
Calories 3,061 kcal/kg, 33 kcal per piece
Shelf Life 36 months
Dog Size Extra Small, Small, Medium


5 Inch Braided Bully Stick dog treats are not recommended for human consumption. This is a fully digestible dog chew; however, intestinal blockage is possible if ingested in large pieces. For this reason, supervision is recommended when feeding dog treats to your pet. Remember to always provide plenty of fresh water for your dog while eating braided bully sticks. Please keep in mind that this item is made from an animal. Because of this, sizes are always approximate since the dimensions of the body parts vary from animal to animal.