7" Braided Bully Sticks

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  • Approximately 7 inches long
  • Formed from 3 Bully Sticks braided together
  • Comes from grass-fed, free-ranging bulls
  • Promotes healthy gums & teeth
  • Low odor, 100% natural, & chemical-free

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Our all-natural bully sticks are some of the longest lasting dog chews we offer, providing your pup with plenty of tough texture that's a blast to chew on. However, depending on how much your dog likes to chew, our standard bully sticks are sometimes not enough to satisfy that instinct to chew on everything in sight.

This is why we've created our 7" Braided Bully Sticks! Made of 100 percent natural beef pizzle, we've taken three of our famous bully sticks and braided them together to create a super-long lasting treat that'll likely outlast any other dog chew your pup has ever tried. Your dog will have a blast chewing on these delicious, thick sticks and savoring that irresistible roasted beef flavor that only comes from the Pawstruck brand.




Product FAQs


Q. Are your Braided Bully Sticks really all natural?
A. They sure are! Our Braided Bully Sticks are made of the same ingredient — yep, only ONE ingredient — as our standard bully sticks: 100 percent natural beef muscle. They're void of any additives, preservatives, chemicals, hormones and any other strange ingredients you can think of. After harvesting each beef pizzle from the finest cattle on Earth, we braid 'em and slow roast 'em in the oven to soak up as much of that natural beef flavor as possible. This process also helps to harden the bully sticks to provide your pup with the durability he deserves. Once roasting is complete, your pup is ready to enjoy countless hours of chewing fun!

Q. Are your Braided Bully Sticks healthy?
A. Yep! On top of being free of any artificial additives, our Braided Bully Sticks give your dog a variety of health benefits. For one, they satisfy your pup's natural instinct to chew, which helps your dog fight stress and anxiety to keep his tail wagging with happiness. Secondly, our bully sticks are low in fat and high in protein to help your dog grow big and strong without packing on the pudge. Finally, our bully sticks help improve doggie dental health by scraping away tartar and plaque from your pup's teeth and gums to keep those pearly whites in great shape. Who knew a dog chew could not only be so delicious but also so healthy?

Q. How long do your Braided Bully Sticks last?
A. While our Braided Bully Sticks are some of the longest lasting dog chews we offer, their lifespan really depends on how aggressive of a chewer your dog is. Our 7" Braided Bully Sticks are ideal for tiny to large size dogs and will last longer than our standard bully sticks. If you have a dog who really can't seem to stop chewing, give him one of these Braided Bully Sticks to keep him happy and occupied.

If you're concerned about your dog chewing through these Braided Bully Sticks at lightning speed (which would be impressive), rest assured that our bulk discount and auto delivery options make it easy to stock up on your dog's favorite snacks. Just be sure to select the Auto Delivery option and correct amount of bully sticks at checkout to redeem your savings!



Beef pizzle

Additional Info

Brand Pawstruck
Made in Paraguay, Brazil, or Colombia
Dimensions (approx.) 7" long
Calories 3,061 kcal/kg, 33 kcal per piece
Shelf Life 36 months
Dog Size Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large


Our 7 inch braided bully stick dog treats are never recommended for human consumption. Even though this is a 100% digestible dog chew, it is possible for intestinal blockages to occur if ingested in large pieces. As a preventative measure, supervision is recommended while feeding your pet dog treats of any kind. Always provide your dog plenty of water while eating braided bully sticks. Remember that this product is made from an animal. Because of this, sizes are averaged since the dimensions of body parts vary depending on the animal.