9" Straight Bully Sticks (XL Thickness)

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  • Approximately 9 inches long
  • Long-lasting, digestible, & highly palatable
  • Low odor & all-natural dog treats
  • Made of grass-fed, pasture finished bulls
  • Healthy with no preservatives or chemicals
  • Roasted to seal in maximum Bully Stick flavor
  • Helps improve teeth & gum health

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For pups who seem to chew up everything in sight, there's a better alternative to icky gym shoes and TV remotes. Available in an XL thickness that's perfect for aggressive chewers, our 9" Straight Bully Sticks are delicious and nutritious dog chews that are guaranteed to keep your pup happy and busy for hours on end. Made of real, all-natural beef pizzle, these long lasting dog chews are free of any artificial ingredients, making these some of the best bully sticks you'll ever find online.




Product FAQs

Q. Wait... are these things really all natural?
A. Yes! We know it seems like everyone these days is using "natural" as a buzzword, but when we say it, we mean it. Our bully sticks only contain one ingredient: beef pizzle. They're free of anything artificial, including additives, hormones, chemicals and other artificial ingredients. Since we have dogs of our own at home, we keep your pup's safety and health as a top priority here at Pawstruck. The only thing your pup will taste is the most delectable beef known to dog-kind.

Q. How do you make such a tasty dog treat?
A. Our team of expert chefs thoroughly cleans each beef pizzle before slow roasting in the oven. Roasting not only allows the bully sticks to soak in their own juices to retain as much of that delicious flavor as possible, but it also allows them to toughen up into that long lasting dog treat that pups absolutely love to chew.

Q. How long do your bully sticks usually last?
A. While our bully sticks are some of the longest lasting dog chews we offer, their lifespan really depends on how much your dog enjoys chewing. Typically speaking, the longer and thicker the bully stick, the longer it will last. Our XL 9" Straight Bully Sticks feature a jumbo thickness that's perfect for aggressive chewers. Additionally, their 9-inch long size makes these bully sticks a great option for all size dogs.

If you're nervous about having to constantly re-order bully sticks to satisfy your pup's appetite, put those worries to rest. We offer a Bulk Discount that allows you to save money on large orders. With a super-long shelf life of 36 months, you won't have to worry about a quick expiration date. And with Auto Delivery available on almost all of our products, it's easy to automatically replenish your dog's supply of delicious bully sticks.

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Beef pizzle

Additional Info

Brand Pawstruck
Made in Paraguay, Brazil, or Colombia
Dimensions (approx.) 9" x 1" x 1"
Calories 3,061 kcal/kg, 33 kcal per piece
Shelf Life 36 months
Dog Size All Sizes, Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Giant


This 9 inch bully stick dog treat is never recommended for consumption by humans. While this is an entirely digestible dog chew, intestinal blockage is possible if ingested in larger pieces. That is why we always suggest supervision when feeding your pet dog treats of any kind. Also, make sure to provide fresh water for your dog while eating bully sticks. Lastly, please be aware that this is a natural product coming from a live animal. Thus, dimensions are always approximated since the size of the body part varies based on the size of the animal.

Bully Stick Size Chart