Thank you to Helen for our dog treat review this week about our Braided Pig Pizzle Dog Treats (6").

My dogs really have enjoyed them
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My dogs really have enjoyed them, the braided pig pizzles, and I am very happy to have found them. My one dog is allergic to beef so she cannot chew conventional rawhide. The pig pizzles give her the same feel without making her sick. My one complaint is the smell. Some of them smell like urine believe it or not so I have to restrict where she chews them. Other than that, I am happy with the product.

Thank you for the review Helen and we’re glad that you were able to find an alternative treat for one of your dogs. While we do our best to minimize smell, all of our natural treats are low odor since we do not clean them with harsh chemicals.

We also love our Braided Pig Pizzle Dog Treats (6″) because they:

  • Are a great natural source of protein
  • Can be used as a tasty alternative to Bully Sticks
  • Are made up of three individual pig pizzles for a thicker treat

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