With Autumn in full swing, pumpkins can be found almost everywhere. What most dog owners don't know is that pumpkin is a wonderful food to give your dog!

Pumpkin puree is said to help dogs with constipation, diarrhea and weight loss!  If you know where to look, pumpkin puree is easy to find. Try checking in the baking section of your market.  Be sure not to accidentally pick-up pumpkin pie puree because that contains unwanted ingredients such as sugar and spices that may not agree with your dog’s tummy.

Pumpkin contains a lot of Beta Carotene which converts to vitamin A. It also contains a lot of fiber. Cooked puree is much easier for your dog to digest. The recommended dosage for dogs is 1-2 teaspoons for small dogs with their meal and 1-2 tablespoon for large dogs. Be sure not to give too much to your dog because in large quantities it can become toxic.

What makes pumpkin unique is that is can either act as a water absorber for diarrhea or as a stool softener for constipation. Pumpkin also is great when your pooch is on a doggie diet! Pumpkin helps to provide a sense of fullness for the dog. When using it for weight loss, take out a portion of their food and simply replace it with the same amount of pumpkin puree. If you are baking treats, feel free to add in pumpkin or follow our pumpkin recipe. As you can see, pumpkin isn’t something to fear. Have fun thinking of creative ways to add it to your dog’s diet!