Our customer dog treat review for this week comes from Johnny about our Redbarn Bully Slices.

My dog is lazyClick here to read a Pawstruck customer's review of a popular dog treat: Redbarn Bully Slices!

My dog is lazy and doesn’t like to work really hard at her treats but I also didn’t want anything she could just swallow. The pig ears and trachea are too much for her and it turns out that bully slices are perfect for her! She has tons of food allergies but these don’t hurt her sensitive stomach. This is a good company that uses good quality meats to make good quality products. It’s one of those things that we stock up on now and it’s totally worth it!

Thank you for the great review Johnny! We know it can be difficult to find a good treat when your dog has food allergies and we’re glad you were able to find such a great treat. 🙂

We also love our Redbarn Bully Slices because they:

  • Have a delicious bully stick coating that dogs love
  • Are a natural dental aid
  • Work well as a rawhide alternative
  • Are made in the USA!

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