Hoomans think that being a dog is sooo easy, little do they know just how hard it can be!


1. Forgetting a toy outside after coming back inside.

2. Feeling the need to pee after finally making enough turns to fall asleep.

3. Not being able to remember where you left your Beef Filled Bone.

4. Hearing the words “bath time” and immediately forgetting where all of the good hiding spots are.

5. Not knowing how to handle seeing your mirror twin for the first time.

6. Trying to deal with stairs. Whose horrible idea was that?

7. Realizing that by “dog park”, your hooman meant “vet”.

8. Having to share your bed with your hooman.

9. Being ignored when you’re looking so cute asking for food.

10. Only getting ONE bully stick even though there are clearly more available.

11. Having a hooman point their sell fone at you instead of helping.


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