Merrick Pet Care

There are few pet brands out there that offer the quality and deliciousness of Merrick Pet Care. A first glance at their menu and you'll see flavors of dog treats you've never even thought could be possible. Turducken? They've got it. Pot pie? You betcha. We're not gonna say we're jealous ... but we think that any pup who snags a bite of a Merrick's product is one lucky dog. Shop our selection of Merrick dog treats and chews and see for yourself why they're one of the best brands around!

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The Merrick Difference

Many commercial dog treat brands cut corners by packing their treats with fillers, by-products and artificial flavors. The end result, if we're being honest, doesn't sound very much like a treat at all. Merrick is exactly the opposite — all of their American-made products are bursting with yummy ingredients like real meat and fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, and zesty herbs and spices to guarantee the best taste possible. Each Merrick product is packed with important nutrients like antioxidants, protein and omega-3 fatty acids that are vital for doggie health. As a bonus, Merrick sources all their ingredients from local farmers. This not only ensures your pooch receives the safest and highest quality products, but it also helps support the local economy.

Trustworthy Quality

People are becoming more aware of the kinds of food they put in their bodies and where that food comes from, and the same awareness is slowly spreading among pet owners, too. While it's unclear where many dog treats are produced, Merrick is transparent with their home-cooked manufacturing process. They cook up all their recipes in-house using the freshest ingredients to give your pup the best quality treats they deserve. And best of all? All of their products are made in the USA.

Healthful Benefits

Sure, dog treats are supposed to taste good. But Merrick takes things one step further to ensure that their dog treats don't just taste good, but that they're actually good for your dog. By using simple, real ingredients, Merrick's dog treats help support things like strong bones, shiny fur coats and weight control that are hard to come by with other brands of dog treats. Each product offers a great balance of healthy, nutrient-rich ingredients that your pooch will absolutely love.

Merrick & Pawstruck

At Pawstruck, we only work with brands that share our same vision of providing dogs with safe and healthy treats and food — and Merrick is a great example. Shop our selection of Merrick products and enjoy bulk savings on your favorite dog treats!