Split Antler Dog Chews (Medium)

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  • Center cut gives access to mineral-rich marrow
  • Naturally-shed elk antlers & deer antlers
  • Long-lasting, odorless, & natural dog treats
  • Collected, washed, split, & then cut to length
  • Aids in scraping off plaque & tartar buildup
  • Made in Canada

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Pawstruck's Split Antler Dog Chews are a favorite of dogs of all ages. Available in a medium size, these natural antler dog chews are perfect for dogs on the smaller end of the spectrum. We cut 'em right down the middle to give easy access to that mineral rich marrow dogs can't get enough of. And because they're so durable, our Medium Split Antler Dog Chews are great for dogs who really love chewing. Plus, they make great fetch toys!

*Note: Our Split Antler Dog Chews are similar to our Solid Antler Dog Chews. The difference is that these are cut down the middle to offer easier access to the marrow, which makes them slightly less durable than the solid antlers. Feel free to try both and see which one your dog prefers!

100% Natural Dog Chews

Anything your dog chews or eats should be as natural as possible. With our Medium Split Antler Dog Chews, that's exactly what you'll get. They're made without any sort of artificial additives, flavors or preservatives, meaning they're completely 100% natural dog treats. In addition, the antlers are naturally shed from wild Canadian elk and deer, meaning no harm comes to the animals during the harvesting process. After we collect the antlers, we cut them to the correct length and thoroughly clean and heat treat them to eliminate any impurities.

Healthy Dog Treats Your Pup Will Love

Did you know that chewing is actually a healthy behavior? Dogs chew to relieve stress and frustration, as well as stimulate their teeth and gums. The problem arises when dogs start to chew on random (and sometimes valuable!) objects around your home. With a Split Antler Dog Chew, your dog will have a healthy treat to chew that won't totally fall apart in seconds.

Our Split Antler Dog Chews offer a number of other benefits, too! They're a natural source of important nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus to help support your dog's health. In addition, chewin' on these durable dog chews helps to naturally clean away plaque to improve your pup's pearly whites. Remember to pair chew time with regular vet visits to keep your dog in the best health possible!

You'll Love 'Em Too!

Even though our Split Antler Dog Chews come from wild animals, you don't have to worry about any sort of mess or odor. Your dog will be happy to have something delicious to chew, and you'll be happy to know your house is safe from stink and stains!

We're tired of the word "natural" being correlated with the word "expensive." If you're tired of paying an arm and a leg for natural dog products, you're in luck: Our Split Antler Dog Chews are eligible for a bulk discount! The more dog treats you add to your cart, the larger your savings, so be sure to stock up and save.


Elk antlers or deer antlers

Additional Info

Brand Pawstruck
Made in Canada
Dimensions (approx.) 5.375" x .25" x .5"
Calories 1445 kcal/kg, 115 kcal per antler
Shelf Life 36 months
Crude Protein (min) No
Crude Fat (min) No
Crude Fiber (max) No
Moisture (max) No
Dog Size Extra Small, Small, Medium


These natural antler dog chews are not recommended for consumption by humans. While rare, there is a possibility of cracking when chewing a deer antler or elk antler dog treat. Because of this, we recommend supervision while feeding your pet naturally shed antlers. If cracking occurs or only a swallowable piece remains, please discard. Always try to provide plenty of fresh water for your dog when chewing. Remember that this item is made completely of antlers from an animal. This means that the dimensions we provide are estimated since body parts vary in size.