Split Antler Dog Chews (X-Large)

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  • Center cut gives access to mineral-rich marrow
  • Naturally-shed elk antlers & deer antlers
  • Long-lasting, odorless, & natural dog treats
  • Collected, washed, split, & then cut to length
  • Aids in scraping off plaque & tartar buildup
  • Made in Canada

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Our XL Split Antler Dog Chews are made of 100% real, naturally shed antlers that come from wild Canadian elk and deer, giving your dog a burst of flavor that's completely natural! We cut 'em in half right down the middle to give your dog easy access to the good stuff: the flavorful, mineral rich marrow. Your dog will have a blast chewin' on this long-lasting, durable dog chew, all the while blissfully unaware of all its tasty health benefits!

*Note: Our Split Antler Dog Chews are virtually the same product as our Solid Antler Dog Chews. The difference is that these have been sliced down the center to offer easy access to the marrow, which makes them slightly less durable than their solid counterparts. Feel free to have your dog try both and see which he likes best!

Healthy Dog Chews

Pawstruck's XL Split Antler Dog Chews are just as healthy as they are delicious. Made of an all-natural, single ingredient, they're completely free of any artificial ingredients. Yep, that's right — no additives, flavors, preservatives or chemicals whatsoever! These antler dog chews are the real deal and made of real antlers that have been shed naturally in the wild so that no harm comes to the animals.

In addition to being completely all natural, our XL Split Antler Dog Chews do your dog a world of good. Each antler is a natural source of phosphorus and calcium, which can help support bone and joint health. Plus, chewin' on these tough antler dog chews can help support your pooch's dental health. Chewing not only keeps teeth and jaws strong, but it can also help remove plaque buildup to keep those pearly whites in great shape.

As a bonus, chewing is a super fun activity for your pup to enjoy! It helps to fight stress and relieve anxiety, so you can bet your dog will be especially happy when he has such a tasty treat to chew.

Humans Love 'Em, Too!

No, we don't mean that you should chew on them, but you'll love our Split Antler Dog Chews for other reasons:

    • * They're odorless and clean - No mess, no stink = happy human
    • * They're affordable - We offer a bulk discount on our Split Antler Dog Chews, enabling you to save big on large orders.
    • * They have a long shelf life - With a shelf life of 36 months, you won't have to worry about an expiration date anytime soon!

It's easy to see why our Split Antler Dog Chews are beloved by dogs all over the country. Shop today!


Elk antlers or deer antlers

Additional Info

Brand Pawstruck
Made in Canada
Dimensions (approx.) 7.625" x .25" x .25"
Calories 1445 kcal/kg, 115 kcal per antler
Shelf Life 36 months
Crude Protein (min) No
Crude Fat (min) No
Crude Fiber (max) No
Moisture (max) No
Dog Size Medium, Large, Giant


These natural antler dog chews are not recommended for consumption by humans. While rare, there is a possibility of cracking when chewing a deer antler or elk antler dog treat. Because of this, we recommend supervision while feeding your pet naturally shed antlers. If cracking occurs or only a swallowable piece remains, please discard. Always try to provide plenty of fresh water for your dog when chewing. Remember that this item is made completely of antlers from an animal. This means that the dimensions we provide are estimated since body parts vary in size.