Customer Reviews & Testimonials

We love our customers and they love us back! This page highlights our favorite dog product reviews that we've received over the years. From bully stick reviews to generic website reviews, we encourage our customers to give us feedback as often as possible. It's that helpful feedback that allows our company to improve and makes your shopping experience better and better.

Bully Stick Reviews

  • "Rags is crazy about his pawstruck bully sticks. He loves them. When he takes it from my hand he jumps and turns in a circle, then settles down to devour it. And this is a dog who weighs 85 pounds. It is something to see!" By Sue B.

  • "Bully sticks vs rawhide. According to my vet neighbor, bully sticks are safer than rawhide for dogs. That's why I tried these out. They smelled a little funny, but my dogs sure didn't mind. They fell in love instantly." By B.R.

  • "Our teething puppy LOVES these! Also, Kyle helped me before I ordered so that I got just the right bully stick thickness for my puppy's little needle teeth. Thanks,!" By Eliana M.

  • "These Braided Bully Sticks are of exceptional quality. They're the best bully sticks I've seen. Much fuller, and heartier, than several others we've tried from purchases online. Our dog, a Welsh Terrier, loves them. Also, unlike others, they last more than 10 minutes. We are very pleased with the products high quality, and find the price to be more reasonable than anything of similar quality. A rare time that you get a little more than you pay for (Based on comparison)." By Vanessa B.

  • "This is the first time I've purchased bully sticks where I got to choose the thickness. I love that! On other sites, I've gotten bully bones that vary a lot in thickness but not here. I went with the XL and they seemed to be worth the money for my two big german shepherds." By Melissa T.

  • "My GSD loves the 7" bully sticks!! I give her one each night after her evening meal. I love the fact that they are from free ranging, grass-fed cattle and are preservative and hormone free! I ordered 100 bully sticks and they came in a nice, easy to open and close zip lock bag." By Bonnie F.

Dog Chew Reviews

  • "Both my Sheltie & Australian Shepherd love the cow hooves. I love that they are made in the USA & my Vet has seen a great improvement in the reduction of tarter on their teeth. I didn't have to spend hundreds of dollars this year for them to get their teeth cleaned. Everybody is happy." By Donna D.

  • "Excellent product! My Airedale puppy loves them and they are highly digestible. They are really helping his teething and are sparing my hands and feet from puppy bites! I think that it is a good thing that none of the animal, (cow), goes to waste. Cows ears are not easy to find in pet stores anymore. I do not trust rawhide chews etc. Too many products from China. Also, very fast shipping!" By Roxanne K.

  • "The whole order process was great from start to finish, and my dogs love the bully bones and lamb ears! I was kept up to date during the whole process and even thanked. Will order from this company again." By Marilyn N.

  • "So cool he guarded his pig snout and walked around for the longest time to hide it and when ready ate half of it then continued to do the same...bottom line this kept him very busy. See ya soon." By Shayla B.

  • My dogs really have enjoyed the the braided pig pizzles, and I am very happy to have found them. My one dog is allergic to beef so she cannot chew conventional rawhide. The pig pizzles give her the same feel without making her sick..." By Melissa T.

Website Reviews

  • "Very impressed with this company if you have any questions they answer right away and they fill your order very fast and ship out promptly." By Dior L.

  • "Great deals when buying in bulk, fast shipping too. Very good quality. A+" By Darrel B.

  • "These were purchased for the doggie stocking stuffers. I ordered them not sure if I would get them in time for xmas, but they arrived right on time and sleep the fuzzy friends just loved them!" By Alexis R.

  • "Great purchase! Much better than I can get locally and for a lower cost. Dogs love them, too! Will be back for sure!" By Sarah B.

  • "You have the best price, best quality, and very prompt service." By Mary D.