Meaty Beef Dog Bones

Is your pup bored of chewing on standard white dog bones? Our meaty dog bones offer a little extra somethin' for dogs to enjoy. We leave the best part on the bone so your pooch can savor the tastiest meaty goodness around. And with bulk buying options and auto delivery available, it's never been easier to stock up and save on your dog's favorite treats. BONE appetit!

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12 Item(s)

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Product FAQs

Q. Are your meaty dog bones safe for all dogs?

A. Yes! We carry small and big dog bones so that all pups can safely enjoy these meaty treats. For smaller dogs, our Knee Cap Dog Bones and small meaty dog bones make great options. For larger pups, our Meaty Knuckle Dog Bones and Mammoth Dog Bones are ideal. Be sure to take a look at our "Dog Size" info on each product page to determine which size dog bone is right for your pup.

Q. Are your meaty dog bones really all natural?

A. Yes! When we say all natural, we mean it. All of our meaty dog bones listed here are free of any artificial additives, including hormones, preservatives and flavors. The only thing in them is the best tasting beef and bone sourced from real, high-quality cattle. And best of all? They're made in the USA to provide you with exta reassurance that you're receiving the best product around!

Q. Are your meaty dog bones healthy?

A. They sure are! Not only do our meaty dog bones taste amazing, but they also offer pups a number of health benefits that are hard to come by anywhere else. Chewing on these tasty bones is a great way for your pup to naturally fight stress and stay busy for hours on end. As a bonus, that chewing motion helps to scrape away tartar and plaque buildup from your teeth to improve your pup's dental health. What else? Our dog bones are a natural source of calcium and phosphorus which are crucial to your furry friend's bone health. Who knew that something so delicious could be so healthy?

Q. How long do your meaty dog bones last?

A. While they can certainly stand up to some heavy chewing, the lifespan of our meaty dog bones depends on how much your pup likes to chew. For more aggressive chewers, opt for a thicker or larger dog bone as it will typically last longer than our smaller options. Fortunately, our meaty dog bones have quite a long shelf life of 36 months, making it easy to stock up and save these tasty treats for a rainy day. Be sure to take advantage of our Bulk Discount and Auto Delivery options to score some easy savings!