Beef Rawhide Chews for Dogs

Our collection of beef rawhide dog chews features a vast assortment of delectable treats that are sure to appeal to every pup's palate. With a variety of delicious fillings and coatings available, your pooch won't be able to resist nibbling on these yummy, tough chews. Chompin' on our beef rawhide dog chews not only helps to keep your pup happy and busy, but it also allows your pup to maintain that dazzling doggie smile by scraping away tartar and plaque buildup. Dental hygiene has never tasted so good!

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13 Item(s)

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Product FAQs

Q. Are your beef rawhide dog chews safe?

A. Yes! However, ingesting too large of a piece of any dog chew can result in intestinal blockage. That's why we recommend always supervising your pup when he's enjoying his favorite dog chew. Be sure to provide plenty of fresh water to your pup to aid with digestion.

Q. What other kinds of products do you offer?

A. We're proud to carry a wide selection of yummy products, including:

  • Bully sticks: The dog chews that made us famous! Our all-natural bully sticks are made of delicious natural beef pizzle to provide pups with a long lasting and safe treat.
  • Dog chews: We carry classic favorites like lamb ears, pig snouts and cow hooves as well as unique filled and coated dog chews to appease every pup's appetite.
  • Dog bones: We offer traditional white beef dog bones as well as stuffed and coated options to provide pups with something extra special.
  • Dog treats: Great for rewards or for simply spoiling your pup, our selection of dog treats includes chewy, savory and crunchy options to keep pups beggin' for more.
  • Dog food: We carry the best selection of natural dog food on the Internet! Wet food, dry food, dog food rolls ... you name it, and we've got it.
  • Dog toys: Our unique assortment of dog toys features high-quality fetch balls and soft plush toys that will keep your pup playing for hours on end.

Q. Do you have bulk buying options?

    A. Yes! We offer bulk buying options on practically all of our products, allowing you to save big on your dog's favorite treats, chews and toys. As a bonus, we have auto delivery available on most of our products as well. Just indicate how often you want to receive your delivery and we'll make sure your pup is never without his favorite goods.