Gender: Female
Birthday: March 6th
Breed: Olde English Bulldogge
Location: Los Alamitos, CA

About me

I'm definitely the princess of my family. I'm the only girl and I'm an expert at utilizing my puppy dog face to convince my humans to give me dog treats. They just can't say no!

Additional Information
 Fur Color:  White and brindle
 Eye Color:  Brown
 Height:  17 inches
 Weight:  52 pounds
 Born in:  California
 Nickname(s):  Little Annie and Annabel
 Education:  Home schooled
 Body Type:  Wrinkly
 Siblings:  My big brother, Walter, & little brother, Winston
 Relationship Status:  Single
 Occupation:  Cuddler
 Favorite Dog Treat(s):  Beef Filled Dog Bones
 Biggest Fear(s):  Mailman
 Personality Traits:  Sleepy and cuddly
 Favorite Celebrity Animal:  Blue from Blue's Clues