Gender: Male
Birthday: May 27th
Breed: English Bulldog & Australian Cattle Dog
Location: Long Beach, CA

About me

When you think of animals with sharp teeth what usually comes to mind? If you were thinking shark, crocodile, piranha, or anything else like that, you are dead wrong. I have the sharpest teeth in all of the animal kingdom! I take pride in my unusually pointy chompers and I sure use them to my advantage. I chew through treats, food, toys, fingers, couches, carpets, and SOCKS! I love socks... nom nom nom.

Additional Information
 Fur Color:  White & caramel, with spots
 Eye Color:  Brown
 Height:  19 inches
 Weight:  48 pounds
 Born in:  Van Nuys, CA
 Nickname(s):  Gibbers, Pumpkin, Gibblet, Gibbies, Mr. Gibbs, Bubba
 Education:  Wooftidoo Dog School
 Body Type:  Round
 Siblings:  Ziggy the cat
 Relationship Status:  Single but ready to settle down
 Occupation:  Trouble maker specializing in sock eating
 Favorite Dog Treat(s):  Socks & Filled Dog Bones!
 Biggest Fears:  Motorcycles & water hoses
 Personality Traits:  Playful, energetic, friendly, rambunctious, loving
 Favorite Celebrity Animal:  Willy from Free Willy