Sir Oliver Rea

Gender: Male
Birthday: June 10th
Breed: June 10th
Location: June 10th

About me

My name is Ollie. Most people say I'm the best cuddler they've ever met. Other people seem to like my huge bunny ears. Either way, I love everyone I meet and will love you too if you show me a little affection and/or give me some dog treats.

You can find out more by following me on Instagram: @sir_oliver_rea.

Additional Information
 Fur Color:  Blue fawn
 Eye Color:  Brown
 Height:  Short
 Weight:  27 pounds
 Born in:  San Diego, CA
 Nickname(s):  Ollie, Olivander, Lolly Pop, Honey Bear, Lulu
 Education:  School of Rock
 Body Type:  More to love
 Siblings:  Clover
 Relationship Status:  Single and loving it
 Occupation:  Full time baby
 Favorite Dog Treat(s):  Cow ears! Nom nom nom...
 Biggest Fears:  Heights, ocean, and stairs
 Personality Traits:  Loyal, friendly, smart, lovable
 Favorite Celebrity Animal:  Manny the Frenchie