Gender: Male
Birthday: November 21st
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Location: Newport Beach, CA

About me

The name is Rufio. Pretty awesome, right? I was named after one of the Lost Boys from Steven Spielberg's film, Hook (1991). That's enough about my name though!

I'm a suave and charming Australian Shepherd that used to call Santa Barbara, California home. My old house was right next to the beach, and I would spend all day sitting on the porch watching the dog babes taking their owners for walks. *Sigh* those were the days... I guess I can't complain though, since I've relocated down to Orange County. This place is great too--warm weather, lots of dog beaches, and just as many cute female doggies. If you are ever in the area, come join me at the beach!

Additional Information
 Fur Color:  Black and white
 Eye Color:  Brown
 Height:  21 inches
 Weight:  57 lbs
 Education:  Homeschooled
 Body Type:  Athletic
 Siblings:  Toby
 Relationship Status:  On the prowl
 Occupation:  Herding my humans
 Favorite Dog Treat(s):  Antler Dog Chews
 Skills:  Catching frisbees and chasing squirrels
 Personality Traits:  Loving, loyal, and protective
 Nickname(s):  The Sweetness, Tweety Bird, Roof, and Sir
 Favorite celebrity animal:  Baloo from The Jungle Book