Gender: Female
Birthday: Unknown
Breed: Golden Retriever
Location: Seal Beach, CA

About me

I'm just a simple girl with simple interests. My two favorite things in the world are eating and sleeping. When it's dinner time you can bet I'll be right by my human's side making sure that I'm ready to chow down the second the bowl touches the ground. When I'm not eating, you can find me napping in the kitchen, napping in the living room, or napping under the stairs. In fact, I'm feeling a little sleepy right now...zzz...zzz...

Additional Information
 Fur Color:  Gold with some gray highlights
 Eye Color:  Brown
 Height:  21.5 inches
 Weight:  66 pounds
 Born in:  Arizona
 Nickname(s):  The Gorgeous & Keela
 Education:  School of Hard Knocks
 Body Type:  Well fed
 Siblings:  My sister, Shire
 Favorite Dog Treat(s):  Bully Sticks (as you can see in my profile picture!)
 Occupation:  Napper
 Favorite Celebrity Animal:  Snoopy
 Biggest Fears:  None
 Personality Traits:  Sleepy & hungry