Gender: Male
Birthday: Aug. 12th
Breed: Ragdoll
Location: Los Alamitos, CA

About me

I am a master escape artist. I can disappear faster than you can say, "catnip". Whenever my siblings and I get into play fights, I use this skill to my advantage. When they get too rough for my liking, I am gone in no time escaping to my secret hiding spots. With my unmatched agility and climbing ability, I leave Annie & Walter in the dust. I then watch from my hiding spot as they spend the next 30 minutes searching for me.

Additional Information
 Fur Color:  White
 Eye Color:  Blue
 Height:  12.5 inches
 Weight:  13 pounds
 Born in:  California
 Nickname(s):  Winnie and Tony
 Education:  None
 Body Type:  Fluffy
 Siblings:  My brother, Walter, & sister, Annie
 Relationship Status:  On the prowwwwl
 Occupation:  Distractor
 Favorite Cat Treat(s):  Anything with catnip
 Biggest Fear(s):  Vacuum
 Personality Traits:  Playful
 Favorite Celebrity Animal:  Grumpy Cat