Gender: Male
Birthday: June 1st
Breed: French Bulldog
Location: California

About me

Hi ladies and gents! My name is A.J. That stands for Almond Joy (it's my parents favorite treat). I'd like to think I'm a classy individual with my love of bow ties and knock out smile. I enjoy fine literature and have a sense of humor sure to light up any room. I also have my very own paparazzi that I can't seem to shake off, however, because I love Mama Joy, I humor her...and Papa Joy.

If you need someone to put a smile on your face everyday, follow me at @aj_thefrenchie on Instagram! Meet you over there!

Additional Information
 Fur Color:  Fawn pied (AKA white w/ fawn patches)
 Eye Color:  Blue/Green/Yellow/Gray
 Height:  Vertically challenged
 Nickname(s):  Almond, AJ, and Joy Joy
 Education:  Joy Academy
 Body Type:  Muscular and fit (but with a big belly)
 Siblings:  Only child
 Relationship Status:  Swinger
 Occupation:  In between jobs
 Favorite Dog Treat(s):  Natural Bully Sticks
 Skills:  Can put a smile on anyone's face :)
 Personality Traits:  Loves to smile and always hungry