Gender: Female
Birthday: Oct. 24th
Breed: Sarasota, FL
Location: Boston Terrier

About me

My name is Brie, I also respond to BonjourBrie! I like the finer things in life whether it's my food, my clothes, my toys or even my bed. My daddies treat me like a Queen but that doesn't give me a big head. If you come up to me, you better believe I will sniff your butt before you sniff mine! I like dressing up for pop culture events and holidays. My photos have been featured on Good Morning America, People Magazine, The Bark Post, Dogster and more. Come along for the ride at @BonjourBrie, I'd love to give you some puppy kisses and maybe I can sneak you a treat too!


FOOD! And playing, cuddling and watching TV with my daddies. Oh, and walks, especially when I get to chase the squirrels!

Additional Information
 Fur Color:  Red
 Eye Color:  Hazel
 Height:  Still growing!
 Weight:  11 lbs
 Favorite Celebrity Animal:  Wacha, Andy Cohen's dog
 Nickname(s):  BrieBrie
 Education:  My humans
 Body Type:  Slim & trim
 Siblings:  None
 Relationship Status:  Single lady
 Occupation:  Model, napper, lover
 Favorite Dog Treat(s):  You can't make me choose!
 Biggest Fears:  My daddies leaving me for the day!
 Personality Traits:  Playful, cuddler