Hamilton Pug

Gender: Male
Birthday: Dec. 28th (My Gotcha Day)
Breed: Pug
Location: New York, NY
Born In: Columbus, Ohio

About me

I'm just another pug dog with a rags-to-riches story. A one-time shelter dog from Columbus, Ohio, I now live in New York City--the city of dreams where the streets are lined with treats! I love breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks (in no particular order). I also like interacting with people and pugs on the Internet. I host a popular weekly event on Wednesday nights on Twitter called #PugChat. You should drop by!

Instagram: @hamiltonpug
Twitter: @hamiltonpug

Additional Information
 Fur Color:  Black
 Eye Color:  Multi-color
 Height:  I'm tall for a pug dog
 Weight:  17 pounds
 Interests:  Steak, bacon, chicken, fish, pizza, turkey
 Nickname(s):  Hamburger, Hamstring, Hammer, Hammy, HamBear, HamPug, Hamlet, Hamster, Hambone, etc.
 Education:  Pugsley University
 Body Type:  I'd like to be fatter, but my people think this is a healthy weight for me
 Siblings:  None. I have foster kitten siblings from time to time
 Relationship Status:  Not time for that
 Occupation:  Media Mogul
 Favorite Dog Treat(s):  I'm honestly not picky, but I do love Bully Stick Springs!
 Biggest Fears:  Running out of treats. My humans eating dinner out, without me. The street sweeper.
 Personality Traits:  I don't typically laugh at my own jokes. Sometimes I get chewy for no reason. I will sleep on your head. I prefer to sleep late and often. I am deceptively fast.
 Favorite Celebrity Animal:  Max & Minnie the Pugs, Chubbs the Wampug & TheBumblesnot (in no particular order. They are all my good buddies)