Sir Duke

Gender: Male
Birthday: Dec. 7th
Breed: English Bulldog
Location: English Bulldog

About me

I'm a fun loving english bulldog from Miami. My favorite thing to do is chew, fart and sleep. I have an adventurous modeling career. I've modeled in six different states and they say I'm something called "photogenic". I'm an expert in over 10 dog commands, especially when food is involved. If I don't feel compelled to listen to my humans I'm great at letting them know by giving them the silent treatment...that's the stubborn in me. I like to think that I've mastered communicating with my humans through various facial expressions. I'm easy to get a long with especially if you rub my tummy and give me all the attention in the world--just as long as you don't clean my wrinkles.

You can see more of me @sirdukesworld on Instagram. See you there!


Chewing, sniffing, frisbee, basketball, football, soccer, running along the beach, music, and road trips

Additional Information
 Fur Color:  Bronze
 Eye Color:  Light brown
 Weight:  48 lbs
 Nickname(s):  Fat Boy, Dukie, Dukielicious
 Education:  Home schooling
 Body Type:  Solid and sexy
 Siblings:  Only child
 Relationship Status:  Single and ready to mingle
 Occupation:  Sexy model
 Favorite Dog Treat(s):  I don't discriminate, but I do enjoy Antler Dog Chews
 Biggest Fear:  Lemon juice
 Personality Traits:  Laid-back, stubborn, independent, loyal, great sense of humor, adventurous