Gender: Male
Birthday: April 13th
Breed: Pug
Location: Los Angeles, CA

About me

Hello there! I'm Theodore, a curious pup, ready to explore my world and yours! I am a little ball of cuteness who is eager to nibble on your ears and of course smother you with kisses. Yes ladies, I am very affectionate. ;) I am also a man that knows his way around the kitchen. In other words, I'm great at following whoever is in the kitchen and staring patiently 'till I get some food! One way to my heart would definitely be by my stomach--I would do anything for food! As a growing Pug I love to cause a lot of mischief by chewing on anything I can get my paws on, especially mom's socks! Sometimes when I do get in trouble, my big brown eyes and little wrinkles get me off the hook! I don't enjoy long walks as I am a very lazy boy, but I do love to meet and greet other furry friends. I like to think I'm pretty pugtastic! Watch out world cause here I come! Feel free to join me on my journey to adulthood by following my Instagram, @pugtastictheodore!


Watching TV, eating everything on the floor, cuddling, playing with my best friend Googleybear (a build-a-bear pug), giving mommy and daddy tons of kisses, farting on daddy's lap, and making new friends!

Additional Information
 Fur Color:  Fawn with perfectly placed shades of black
 Eye Color:  Brilliant Brown
 Height:  Still growing!
 Weight:  8 lbs
 Favorite Celebrity Animal:  Hamilton Pug and Otis the Pug Walsh
 Nickname(s):  Theo, Kobes, Theokobes, The Baby, Mr. Handsome, Fatboy
 Education:  Top of my puppy training class
 Body Type:  Chubby wubby
 Biggest Fears:  Styrofoam cups and loud, moving toys
 Relationship Status:  Crushing on the Boxer next door
 Occupation:  Being mommy's cuddle buddy and daddy's mischievous devil
 Favorite Dog Treat(s):  That's a toughie. It's between bananas and baby carrots.